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Girl's Season Lease Package

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The Girl's Season Lease package is sure to bring a smile to your child's face without straining your budget. We provide two excellent ski options to cater to your young ones' preferences. For the adventurous skier who enjoys jumping, exploring the woods, and tackling everything the mountain offers, we offer a twin-tip ski. Additionally, for those in the beginner to intermediate stages of their skiing journey, we have a traditional all-mountain ski. Your child's skiing experience is our priority, and we've got them covered with these versatile options.

Ski Options:

Rossignol Experience Pro W (Traditional Alpine Ski) :Enhance your children's learning experience with the Rossignol Experience Pro skis designed for kids, complete with Kid-X bindings. These skis are engineered for effortless and enjoyable skiing, enabling young skiers to easily pivot, steer, and come to a stop on a variety of terrains.

Blizzard Girl's Sheeva Twin Jr. (Twin Tip): Elevate your child's skiing adventures with the Blizzard Girl's Sheeva Twin Jr Skis, . These skis are built for young thrill-seekers, offering durability and versatile performance on various snow conditions. Their vibrant design adds a dash of style, while adjustable bindings ensure a secure fit for growing feet. With a soft flex and safety features, these skis provide a comfortable and controlled experience, making them perfect for young adventurers on the slopes.

The Boots:

Nordica Speemachine J Series Boot: Fostering a love for skiing begins with a smile, and that's precisely what our children's boots aim to achieve. Designed to ensure young skiers have a fantastic time on the slopes, these boots prioritize a neutral stance for improved support, boosting confidence and control. Featuring plush liners that keep little feet warm and cozy, these boots are a joy to put on and take off, both for kids and their parents. Whether young skiers are taking their first steps on the bunny hill or confidently leading their family down the mountain, our boots enhance their enjoyment and accelerate their skill development.  Depending on skier type and boot size the boots have 1,2,3 or 4 buckles.

The Poles:

For the young adventurer determined to conquer the mountain, the Rossignol Jr Ski Poles provide all-mountain versatility. These poles feature a robust aluminum shaft that strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight.

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