Ski Boot Sizing

Feel free to use this ski boot size chart as a starting reference to gauge the boot size that might suit you best. It's important to note that the conversion from regular shoe size to ski boot size is an approximation, and sizing can vary based on your skiing ability, how often you ski, and your personal preferences.


Ski boots are measured in Mondo Point Size (which is the same as centimeters) and are available in half sizes only.


PERFORMANCE FIT: This is ideal for skiers with intermediate to advanced skills who frequently take on higher speeds and diverse terrain and snow conditions.  These Skiers skiers often opt for a slightly smaller boot to achieve a more precise fit.  A tighter fit enhances control over your skis and is considered a performance fit.


COMFORT FIT: Recommended for beginners to intermediate skiers who ski less often and prefer slower speeds. This fit offers more room and is suitable for those who primarily ski groomed terrain at slower to moderate speeds.  These skiers can round up to the nearest Mondo Point size for a comfort fit.


Since shoe sizes can vary among different brands, it's recommended to measure your foot's exact length in centimeters for greater accuracy.


This method will help you find your Mondo size and help you decide what size is right for you.


1- Stand on a piece of paper with your heel against a wall and draw a line at the farthest point forward of your toes.


2- Ensure your foot carries your full weight when marking the end of your toes.


3- Measure the marked paper in centimeters to determine your Mondopoint size.