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Nordica Men's Ski Package

Package includes Skis, Bindings, Boots & Poles

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The Ski:

The Nordica Steadfast 75 CA Ski System with TP2 10 Binding is an exceptional all-mountain ski and binding combo that lives up to its name. These skis are reliable in all conditions, making them a versatile choice for various terrains. The responsive sidecut allows for precise control and stability without requiring excessive force. With a woodcore construction, the skis are both lightweight and durable, offering excellent dampening for a smoother ride. With a 75mm waist width, they excel on hard pack, corduroy, and even through crud. The FDT Free Demo plate on the bindings provides ample adjustability to accommodate different boot sizes without the need for remounting. This setup ensures a seamless and enjoyable skiing experience for riders of all levels.


  •     Woodcore construction provides a balance of lightweight and strength for enhanced performance.
  •     Versatile design suitable for groomers and soft snow conditions, ensuring an enjoyable experience on various terrains.
  •     FDT Free Demo plate offers maximum binding adjustment without the need for remounting, providing convenience and flexibility.


  •     Profile: Rocker/Camber Hybrid, combining the benefits of both rocker and camber for easy turn initiation and forgiving float.
  •     Waist Width: 75mm, making it well-suited for corduroy and hard packed pow, offering stability and control.
  •     Bindings Included: Yes, the ski system includes the TP2 10 bindings with a lightweight design and a DIN setting of up to 10.
  •     Front rocker aids in easy turn initiation and provides forgiving float in softer snow conditions.
  •     75mm width ensures stability and edge-holding capabilities on groomed trails and hard-packed powder.
  •     Sidecut design enhances edge holding without requiring excessive weight or force.
  •     All-mountain focus allows the skis to perform well in a variety of on-trail conditions, catering to different skiing preferences.
  •     The included bindings are lightweight and adjustable, offering a DIN setting of up to 10 for added safety and customization.

The Boots:

The Nordica Sportmachine 3 80 Ski Boots now come with customizable cork liners, taking their performance to the next level. The boots feature a roomy 102 mm last, offering ample space for comfort without sacrificing a snug fit. Additionally, an adjustable cuff profile allows you to customize the shape of the upper boot to ensure a proper fit around your legs.

With a smooth and soft flex, these boots are ideal for beginner to intermediate skiers, providing a forgiving and responsive ride. Whether you're exploring the green slopes or tackling more challenging black runs, the Sportmachine 3 80 Ski Boots offer versatility and comfort for an enjoyable skiing experience.


  •     Last: 102mm – Medium wide last for wider than average or higher volume feet.
  •     Tri-Fit Technology – Allows 100% customization of liner and boot shell using Infrared Fit Technology.
  •     Adjustable Cuff Profile (ACP) – Change cuff volume to suit larger or smaller calves.
  •     Easy Entry Instep – Soft plastic flaps for easy entry and exit of the boot.
  •     Flex: 80 – Soft flex for new or lighter skiers.
  •     3D Cork Fit Primaloft Liner – Anatomical hands-free one-piece liner with larger throat opening for comfort and performance.

Shell Materials & Design:

  •     Cuff: Polyurethane
  •     Shell: Polyurethane
  •     Tri-Force Construction – Modern lightweight design with hard PU or Triax spine and chassis combined with softer PU or Triax foot wrap and extra soft material over the instep             better wrapping and customization without losing rigidity.
  •     4 Micro-Adjust Aluminum Alloy
  •     35 mm Velcro Strap
  •     ISO 5355 Alpine Extra Grip Soles
  •     Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  •     Ski Boot Flex: Soft
  •     Forefoot Width: 102 mm
  •     Liner Type: Semi-Custom
  •     Flex Index: 80
  •     Boot Sole Type: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)
  •     Number of Buckles: 4
  •     Warranty: 2 Years


The Poles:

The Nordica Primo Uni poles - an exceptional pair of aluminum poles designed specifically for alpine skiing enthusiasts. These poles offer a perfect blend of durability and flexibility to enhance your performance during even the most challenging turns on the slopes.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the stick body exhibits remarkable strength, providing the ideal support you need to tackle any terrain. With these poles in hand, you can confidently navigate through various skiing conditions.

The ergonomic handles are thoughtfully designed to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. No matter how intense your skiing sessions get, the handles will maintain their form, allowing you to focus solely on your skiing technique.

Safety is paramount, and that's why the Nordica Primo Uni poles come equipped with an adjustable strap. This feature acts as an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of accidentally dropping the poles during a fall. You can rest assured that your poles will stay firmly in place, giving you peace of mind and confidence as you tackle the slopes.

The inclusion of a rosette of snow adds a touch of practicality to these poles. This feature ensures better stability and support when dealing with soft or deep snow, letting you make the most out of your skiing experience.

Furthermore, the reinforced tip of the Nordica Primo Uni poles adds to their durability, making them a reliable companion on all your skiing adventures.

Embrace the quality, functionality, and reliability of the Nordica Primo Uni poles and take your alpine skiing to new heights. Whether you are an experienced skier or a beginner, these poles will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset on your skiing journey.


What Size Ski should you be on?


Determining the right size ski involves considering your height, weight, skiing style, and ability. Generally, ski length should fall between your chin and the top of your head. For example, a 6' tall skier might opt for skis between 170cm and 190cm, but the exact size depends on individual factors.

Factors like ski category, snow type, terrain, and personal preference play a role. Beginner skiers often choose shorter skis for easier maneuverability, while advanced skiers lean towards longer skis for stability.

Here are reasons to size up or down within your recommended ski size range:

Size your skis shorter, closer to your chin if:

  • You are a beginner or intermediate skier.
  • You weigh less than average for your height.
  • You prefer making short, quick turns and don't ski at high speeds.
  • You want a carving ski with only camber and no rocker.

Size your skis longer, closer to the top of your head if:

  • You ski fast and aggressively.
  • You weigh more than average for your height.
  • You plan to ski mostly off-trail.
  • You intend to use a twin-tip ski.
  • You want a ski with a lot of rocker.

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits-all formula, and personal preferences will play a significant role in finding the ideal ski size for you. Trying out different sizes or consulting with experienced skiers can help you make the best choice for your skiing experience.


 What Size Boots Should I Buy?  What is Mondo Sizing?


Ski boots are sized using Mondo Sizing.  While the Mondopoint sizing is a good starting point, there are various factors to consider when choosing ski boot sizes, such as personal preferences, performance requirements, and tolerance for close-fitting footwear. Here are some general recommendations based on skier level:

Beginner/Intermediate Skiers: It's advisable to choose a ski boot close to their indicated Mondopoint length or slightly longer, even if it feels snug initially. The boot liner will compress over time, providing more space as they ski more frequently.

Intermediate/Advanced Skiers: They should also choose a ski boot close to their indicated size or slightly shorter, but opt for a stiffer flex. Pay attention to the boot's width and select one that offers a snug fit if possible, as it improves control and performance.

Advanced/Expert Skiers: Typically, they may choose a shell size 1/2 to a full size smaller than their indicated size for an extremely precise and responsive fit, along with a stiff or very stiff flex. Downsizing might require assistance from a skilled bootfitter to ensure the boots are comfortable enough for extended skiing sessions.





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