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Kuhl Men's Interceptr Vest

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The KÜHL INTERCEPTR Men's Vest is a high-performance garment crafted with top-notch technical fabrics to provide superior warmth, comfort, and durability. The vest features KÜHL's exclusive ALFPACA GOLD™ performance fleece in the body, ensuring a luxurious softness and excellent core warmth. Additionally, KASHMIRA™ side panels are incorporated into the design to enhance breathability and reduce bulk, promoting better ventilation during activities.


  •     ALFPACA GOLD™ Performance Fleece: The body of the INTERCEPTR vest is made from ALFPACA GOLD™ performance fleece, delivering exceptional softness and superior core warmth.
  •     KASHMIRA™ Side Panels: The vest incorporates KASHMIRA™ side panels, which contribute to increased breathability and reduced bulk, allowing for better airflow and ease of movement.
  •     Premium Construction: The DYNAMIK™ stitching in the vest ensures low bulk seams, providing a clean and streamlined appearance.
  •     Zippered Pockets: The vest is equipped with convenient zippered pockets, including a chest pocket and hand warming pockets, offering secure storage for your essentials.
  •     Micro-Soft Interior Collar: The interior collar of the vest is made with a micro-soft fabric, providing added warmth and comfort around the neck.

The INTERCEPTR Men's Vest by KÜHL is not only perfect as a cold weather layer but also has a stylish design that allows it to be worn alone for a trendy and comfortable look. With its combination of premium technical fabrics and thoughtful construction, this vest delivers both performance and style for any outdoor adventure or casual outing.

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