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 The  problem with the big nasty lines of your dreams is that they often  don't start where the chairlift unloads. For the triple spice ghost  pepper couloirs and cliff drops that get famous on Instagram, you've  usually got to hoof it a few miles up a summertime hiking trail, cut  switchbacks across a near vertical face, you know, go the whole nine  yards. So you're going to need a lightweight splitty. But you're also  going to need a beefcake plank that can handle the heat you're about to  throw its way on the downhill. So what're you going to do? Bring two  boards? Start scratching lotto tickets in hopes of getting a heli ride  up to the top of the filthy gnar zone? Don't be silly, just get yourself  a Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Splitboard and send it up the skin  track so you can send it right back down. 

Directional Camber – A  blend of rocker and camber in the nose combines float and control while  camber under the back foot drives with power and stability. 

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