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Arc'Teryx Women's Rho Zip Neck

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 The Arc'teryx Rho Zip Neck is a thermally efficient base layer designed for skiing and snowboarding, offering excellent moisture management properties and stretch comfort. It is specifically tailored for snowsports activities, providing efficient protection, layering capabilities, and ease of movement. Here are the key features and details of the Rho Zip Neck:


  • Thermally Efficient Base Layer: The Rho Zip Neck is designed to provide warmth as a base layer, making it ideal for lower output activities on cold days. It helps retain body heat and keep you comfortable in cold weather conditions.
  • Moisture Management: The base layer is made with wicking fibers that efficiently manage moisture by drawing sweat away from your skin, promoting a dry and comfortable feel even during physical activities.
  • Super Soft Next to Skin: The fabric of the Rho Zip Neck is soft and gentle against your skin, ensuring a comfortable and cozy wearing experience.
  • Torrent™ Microfleece Fabric: The microfleece fabric used in the Rho Zip Neck is brushed for enhanced thermal performance and comfort. It helps trap warm air close to your body while providing a soft and plush texture.
  • Polygiene® Treatment: The base layer is treated with Polygiene®, a technology that provides effective odor control. This feature helps keep the garment fresh and odor-free even during extended use.
  • Trim Fit: The Rho Zip Neck features a trim fit that allows for easy layering under other clothing and outer layers. This fit ensures that the base layer comfortably follows your body's contours.
  • Deep Front Zip: The deep front zip design makes it easy to put on and take off the base layer. It also allows for additional ventilation when needed.
  • Tall Collar: The tall collar adds warmth and provides extra coverage for your neck area, helping to keep you insulated in colder conditions.
  • Articulated Patterning: The Rho Zip Neck is designed with articulated patterning, which means it is tailored to accommodate your body's natural movements. This ensures that you have the freedom to move comfortably while wearing the base layer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Versatility: The Rho Zip Neck is designed for skiing and snowboarding, making it suitable for snowsports activities.
  • Breathable Material: The base layer features breathable material that allows moisture vapor to escape. This helps regulate your body temperature and enhances comfort inside the garment.
  • Synthetic Fibre: The Rho Zip Neck is made with synthetic fibers that offer enhanced properties such as moisture-wicking, thermal performance, and durability.
  • Zip Neck Design: The zip neck design allows you to easily adjust ventilation and coverage according to your needs.

The Arc'teryx Rho Zip Neck is a versatile and functional base layer that provides warmth, moisture management, and comfort during skiing and snowboarding activities. Whether you're hitting the slopes or engaging in other cold-weather pursuits, the Rho Zip Neck is designed to enhance your overall experience by keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable. 

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