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Deity TMAC Pedals

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 What a statement the TMAC pedal has become!  A beautiful marriage  between rider feedback and designer experience, the TMAC Signature Tyler  McCaul Pedal truly is “Your Dream Pedal”.  With over two years of  development, including multiple molds, prototypes and months of real  world testing, the proof is in the end result.  One of the most concave  designs on the market today, the control and contact delivered by the  TMAC pedal is unmatched.  Rated as one of the top 2 best pedals on the  market by VitalMTB with countless rave reviews and endless rider  testimonials, we are incredibly proud to prove that rider feedback,  dedication to perfection and the freedom to take a risk are the recipe  for brilliance!  Not only does the TMAC pedal give you precise control,  but with a non-offset design you have more contact with the pedal with  equal weight distribution in front and back of the pedal spindle.  This  non-offset design allowed us to make a pedal that feels like the largest  pedal ever made at a mere 110mm x 105mm footprint.  The machining  detail alone makes this pedal a work of art and we guarantee you’ll be  blown away with the feel and performance of these pedals… These truly  are “Your Dream Pedal”! 

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