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2025 Nordica Santa Ana 87 with Atomic Strive 12 Bindings

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It’s your turn–make it a masterpiece with Nordica’s Santa Ana 87. A favorite among skiers who spend most of their time on trails, this legendary all-mountain ski carves with confidence and excels on firmer snow. For an especially smooth and stable ride, it showcases a fresh construction that pairs both a wood core and an elastomer Pulse core with a sheet of terrain-specific metal. This also creates an energetic ski that maximizes fun and is incredibly responsive and quick edge-to-edge. Celebrate each turn with Nordica’s Santa Ana 87. 


  •     Construction: TSM Pulse Core
  •     Rocker: All Mountain Rocker
  •     Core / Materials: Performance Wood + Terrain Specific Metal + Sidewall + Pulse Core

When we find a fellow skier looking for lightweight yet reliable alpine bindings, we point them towards the Atomic Strive 12 GW Binding. These bindings sit low on the ski for excellent feel, work with almost all modern ski boot styles thanks to an adjustable toe-piece, and provides impressive retention while allowing your ski to flex underfoot.


  •         Alpine ski bindings that thrive within the resort boundaries
  •         Lightweight plastic construction is reinforced in key areas
  •         Max din of 12 works well for adults from beginner to advanced
  •         Multiple ski brakes accommodate your resort ski of choice
  •         Low stand weight adds feel and control in sticky situations

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