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Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate Charger 2.1 RC2 - Crown 29"

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 The Lyric Ultimate represents the cream of  the crop in RockShox enduro fork offerings, and updates to this  generation start with the newly engineered Maxima Plush oil that reduces  friction and improves smoothness in the stroke over previously used  oils, improving seal lubrication. The seals themselves are also new,  moving to a lower-friction design that's inspired by the motocross  industry. RockShox also went with a new type of grease in the air  chamber that lasts longer and wears better than the grease in years  passed.
RockShox made the largest changes on the Lyrik in the damper. Now  dubbed the Charger 2.1, the damper features tweaks to its high-speed  compression damping to reduce harshness and altered the low-speed  compression settings to make them much more usable—meaning you can run  the highest amount of compression and still feel the benefits of a  supple fork. The rebound circuit has been updated, allowing the fork to  ride higher in its travel when you're rolling across brake bumps and  chattery rock sections. The damper also received a new wear band around  the main piston, which is designed to stop oil flowing around the piston  to increase rebound damping control when traveling at low shaft speeds,  which translates to improved traction.

  • RockShox' flagship fork for all-mountain and enduro riding
  • Charger 2.1 damper reduces harshness and stiction
  • Oil flow path improves recovery and traction on the trail
  • Improved seal design is inspired by motocross to reduce friction
  • Updated rebound circuit lets fork ride higher in its travel
  • Maxima Plush oil bath keeps thinks moving slick and smoothly
  • Air chamber grease lasts longer than previous generations

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